Under Consumer Protection Law and Trading Rules, the consumer is entitled to a claim under:
       1. deficiencies found;
       2. defects of the goods;
       3. discrepancy with the declared size;
       4. Non-compliance with the trademark.

The claim shall be made within three working days of receipt of the goods.

  When making a claim, the consumer may claim:
     1. reimbursement of the amount paid;
     2. replacement of the goods with a new one;
     3. a discount on the price;

    In accordance with Art. 59 (1) of the CPA, in case of impossibility to perform the order due to temporary lack of availability of a product, a certain size, right or color, as well as in case of delay of the shipment due to a new import, a new batch of production or Delay of delivery to us by the importers or producers of the respective goods, or a delay in the completion of the order, you will be informed by telephone or by letter, if possible you will be offered alternative items (colors, Us) of the same quality and price.
    At each stage of the ordering and confirmation of the order, you have the right to cancel the order. In the event that there is any change in the content, value, terms and delivery terms of an order, you will be informed by telephone or letter and the order will not be sent unless we receive your personal consent with the changes Conditions.


  The consumer is entitled without due compensation or penalty and without giving any reason to renounce the purchased goods within 7 working days after receipt, and the following conditions must be met:

  1. Preserved good commercial appearance (the product is not torn, scratched, worn, prana, ironed).
  2. There are no malfunctions caused by improper use.
  3. Stored original packaging, consumables, and accessories if included.
  4. The transport costs for the return of goods shall be borne by the customer.
(In the case of replacement goods, the customer pays 1.5 courier charges instead of 2 shipping charges in both directions).

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